Toledo Federation of Art Societies
TFAS 100 Est. 1917


Toledo Federation of Arts Societies (TFAS) is a 100-year-old collaborative arts network dedicated to promoting and supporting arts organizations and artists within the Toledo area (100 miles). 

Membership Categories

TFAS has two types of membership, Organizational Members and Independent Members.

We are inclusive of all the arts, including the more traditional areas of painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry, as well as performing arts (theatre and dance). We also embrace today's additions to the fine arts communities, which include additional forms, such as film, photography, video production/editing, design, sequential art, conceptual art, and printmaking.

Organization Members is the category for organizations that are arts and arts affiliated, including clubs/guilds, art galleries/theaters, vendors/businesses, and educational facilities, They may have from 5 to 500 employees/students/participants that they represent. Contact us at for more information.

Independent Members is the category for individual artists and creatives. We only ask that independent members are at least 18 years old and interested in actively participating in TFAS and supporting our mission.


Member Benefits

Whether you are an organizational member, or an independent member, you will have representation at the TFAS board’s monthly meetings and the ability to become involved with TFAS committees. Each organizational member may select  2 delegates to represent them at the board meetings. Independent members may represent themselves at all board meetings.

As a TFAS member, you will also be invited to free networking events both online and at regional locations that will be attended by creatives like yourself, as well as other TFAS members which include representatives of art galleries and institutions from throughout the region. These events will include portfolio reviews by representatives from regional galleries, theaters and universities, open house celebrations, exhibits, educational seminars and workshops. 

And, you will have the opportunity to take part in a large-scale collaborative venture, to maintain a media outlet dedicated to Northwest Ohio’s art sector, an important part of the region’s arts infrastructure.

Membership Application Link Here

Strategic Planning

As we go into our 101st year, we want your input and suggestions for ways in which we, working with you, can support and enhance public appreciation for the arts in our region. Here are a few of the ideas we have so far:

  1. Regional Arts Calendar

    • Listings for exhibits and events, reviews and essays on issues of interest in the arts.

  2. Exhibitions/Projects/Programs

    • Development and publicity for growth and renewal

  3. Artist Network

    • Online database of regional artists and art organizations with online images and links to websites

  4. Mentoring Program

    • For emerging artists

  5. Professional Development:

    • Lectures, workshops, demonstrations, and portfolio reviews

This is only a sampling of the plans we are developing. We want your ideas and input. What do you or your organization need? How would you like to cooperate with other arts organizations in the Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan region?

If any of these ideas sound interesting to you, or if you have suggestions for how we could partner with you for our mutual benefit, please contact us at