Toledo Federation of Art Societies
TFAS 100 Est. 1917


TFAS unites area arts organizations, promotes area artists, and hosts a collection of Toledo area artwork

Our Mission

The Toledo Federation of Art Societies was established in 1917 to introduce and establish annual exhibitions of Toledo artists. Over the past 100 years, it has grown into an organization that serves to represent regional art groups and independent artists through exhibitions, networking, presentations, workshops, and collecting the work of area artists.

 Our mission is to:

(a)  promote mutual understanding and cooperation among Toledo area artists, arts affiliated organizations, and the public;

(b) promote professional practices in the arts;

(c) promote professional opportunities for artists in the Toledo area;

(d) establish and maintain a permanent collection consisting of work by Toledo area visual artists.  

Our membership consists of art and arts affiliated organizations, as well as independent members, both artists and creatives. We are inclusive of all art forms. Delegates from the member organizations, as well as independent artist members, make up the council of the Federation. These delegates represent their members to make decisions about activities promoting the arts and professional development.

Our History

The Toledo Federation of Art Societies (TFAS) was organized at the Toledo Museum of Art in 1917. Mr. George Stevens, first director of the Museum, invited representatives of 3 art groups, the Athena Art Society, the Tile Club of Toledo, and the ArtKlan, to meet for the purpose of establishing annual exhibitions of Toledo artists. The first meeting of TFAS was held on June 9, 1917, and the first exhibition was held in April 1918. Originally limited to citizens of Toledo proper, the Toledo Area Artists Exhibition (TAAE) now accepts regional applicants from within a 150-mile radius, including NW Ohio, SE Michigan, and NE Indiana. A centennial exhibit is currently being planned with the Toledo Museum of Art. 

In addition to sponsoring the annual exhibit, TFAS has established its own permanent collection of the work of Toledo area artists for the purpose of being loaned out and exhibited in the community. Beginning in 1948, TFAS provided one or more Purchase Awards at each Toledo Area Artists Exhibition and acquired work from the annual exhibit. A retrospective exhibition, “Fifty Years of Toledo Art, 1900-1951”, displayed a cross section of the work of Toledo artists from the time the Museum was founded in 1901. More retrospective exhibitions are currently being planned with the Toledo Museum of Art and other local galleries. 

In 1968, the 50th Anniversary Show exhibited 200 works from Toledo Area Artists, as well as pieces from the Federation’s permanent collection. Through the 1970s and 1980s, items from the permanent collection were loaned to local hospitals, universities, and corporations for the enjoyment and education of the public. In 1993, TFAS celebrated the Toledo Area Artists Exhibition's 75th anniversary. As its centennial approached, the Federation focused on recruiting individual members and developing a strategic plan. Goals for the centennial include publication of a TFAS collection catalog, greater engagement in the regional community, and establishment of an Online Community Arts Resource featuring an arts calendar, artist directory, and journal.


Our Current Board Members: 

  • President - Doug Adams-Arman from the Toledo School for the Arts

  • 1st Vice President - Margaret Lockwood-Lass from BGSU School of Art

  • 2nd Vice President - Condessa Croninger from 20 North Gallery

  • Treasurer - Stephen Johnston from Toledo School for the Arts

  • Recording Secretary - William Horvath, Toledo Artists Club

  • Historian - Kristin Baldeschwiler, independent member

  • Corresponding Secretary - Sue Stewart from Athena Art Society

  • Trustees - Leslie Adams, independent member, and Claude Fixler, from Toledo Art Museum

Our Organizational Members:                                                                                                                                                                               

  • 20 North Gallery

  • American Frame Corporation

  • Athena Art Society

  • Blair Museum

  • Bowling Green State University School of Art

  • Gathered Glass Studio

  • Lourdes University Art Department

  • Owens Community College Dept. of Fine and Performing Arts

  • River House Arts

  • Schedel Gardens

  • Swanton Chamber of Commerce

  • Sylvania Arts Commission

  • Tile Club of Toledo

  • The Arts Commission (Greater Toledo)

  • Toledo Area Sculpture Guild

  • Toledo Artists Club

  • Toledo Museum of Art

  • Toledo Potters Guild

  • Toledo School for the Arts

  • University of Toledo Center for Visual Arts

  • Wassenberg Art Center,

Our Independent Members:

  • Leslie Adams

  • Bridget Andrews

  • Randy Bennett

  • Richard Davis

  • Christine Deemer - Our newest member!

  • Susan Duckworth

  • Amanda Garage

  • Bianca Garza

  • Dave Grabarczyk

  • Megan Kozal

  • Michael Lake

  • K.A. Letts

  • Carol Imes Luscomb

  • Aaron Pickens

  • Jim Rich

  • Kelsey Scharf

  • Ellen Smith

  • Louis Staeble

  • Rachel Sykes

  • Joel Washing

  • Cody Winter

  • Gary Wittenmyer